About eTicket

eTicket and Open Source

After version 1.5.7, and our acquisition of eTicket from its’ creator, we changed the license that eTicket is distributed under. We’ve been asked why eTicket software isn’t released under a license certified by the Open Source Initiative. The point can be made that eTicket software isn’t Open Source as described by the OSI. But on the other hand you can do nearly the same things with our software that you can with an OSI certified project.

You can modify the source code, distribute instructions to modify it, you can view the code and suggest improvements to it.

However you may not:

  1. Modify the copyright notice displayed, from within the Sources and/or via a web browser (the same can be said for GPL software.)
  2. You are not allowed to redistribute the software itself, without written permission.

These two issues popped up on our radar screen when the project was released under a GPL license. They were mostly caused by people misunderstanding the terms in that license, but there were also several incidents where people misused the license and basically stole the hard work of our volunteers so they could package it as their own.

Obviously this caused quite the uproar with the dedicated people who make this project possible. So it was decided that eTicket should have its own license that would keep the ideas of Open Source alive but would fully protect the rights of the team as copyright owners. Click here to view the eTicket License.

Sometimes people ask us: Why do you care that people are redistributing it? and the reason is that although we believe in giving back to the Open Source community, we also believe that the volunteers that make up this project deserve the credit. On top of that, allowing unlimited redistribution encourages project forking and could lead to confusion about what versions are supported. By maintaining and allowing only a single version of each of our products, we can ensure the integrity of the code base while making sure that the quality of each product is maintained. So, you could say that everyone wins from it.

Don’t forget that redistribution is allowed if you are a Registered Distributor. If you would like to redistribute eTicket software, please email us.

What is a 'Distributor'

For the purposes of the eTicket License Agreement, a ‘Distributor’ shall be construed as distribution of the eTicket sources in a modified fashion. What this means, in plain english, is that you aren’t allowed to take the Sources, modify, customize, or other, and then distribute those works as if they were yours. A Distributor is typically a company that wishes to re-brand eTicket. Most eTicket users don’t fit into this catoegory, but if you’re not sure, please email us.


eTicket provides you with software that you can modify and improve as you see fit, but you cannot redistribute the entire modified package unless you have a written permission. You can only distribute the instructions on how to modify the source code. Under no circumstances would you be allowed to alter or delete the copyright, just as you wouldn’t be allowed to do that if it was released under GPL. But see our software as Open Source, we have outlined the playing field of what you can and cannot do a bit more clearly.