eTicket Features

Main Features:

  • Supports aliases/piping with perl gateway
  • Supports POP3 login with optional crontab.
  • Uses Perl gateway, PHP backend, and MySQL database
  • Handles unlimited emails
  • Admin/Supporter/User panels
  • Email Intervals to prevent autoresponder loops
  • Max Allowed to limit maximum tickets user can have opened
  • Filters to remove messages in replies
  • Accept attachments and limit size

User Features:

  • Login with email and any ticket assigned to you
  • View all tickets sent from that email

Admin/Staff Features

Administration Features:

  • Completely delete tickets from database
  • Create categories (departments)
  • Create Represenatives (Supporters)
  • Define groups
  • Edit or disable response messages
  • Email alerts compatible with pagers
  • and much more…

Staff Features:

  • View only tickets in departments you have access to
  • Can not delete tickets

Latest Features

New Features include:

  • Easy to upgrade/install
  • Easy to style using themes
  • RSS feeds for clients
  • Captcha on web forms to reduce spam
  • Configurable Spam Assassin mod for
  • Better language support with changable language file
  • Predefined/canned answer resposes
  • Better search functionality
  • Ability to assign representatives to tickets
  • Built in flash based mp3 player

Please report any problems on the eTicket Community Forum page.